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Protective Conditioning Mist with Sunscreen 2oz.

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SO COZY® Protective Conditioning Mist with Sunscreen is specially formulated for children 1 to 12 years old. SO COZY® was created by the hair care team at Cozy's Cuts for Kids to bring out the natural body and shine of your child's hair. Introducing a Leave-In Conditioner with Sunscreen to protect the hair and scalp from the harmful effects of the sun. The lightweight mist won't weigh hair down, and its deep conditioning formula will prevent flyaway hair and frizzies, leaving hair smooth & silky. It's ideal for dry or wet hair. Perfect protection for a day at the beach or playground. Its cool coconut scent makes it fun to use. Who says hair care can't be fun!


Spray evenly over entire length of hair, including scalp, but avoiding face & eyes. Apply and reapply liberally, as you would with sunscreen.

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