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Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair

Get the insider scoop on trouble-free ways to make girls’ hair pretty in no time at all! With tips on everything from the best cuts for all face shapes to instant fixes for bad hair days and five-minute styles, our expert instructions will show you how to give a girl a no-fuss, home haircut, too. This fun-to-use book incorporates step-by-step illustrations and lots of colorful photos of looks for girls of all ages. From ponytails to braids and buns to bobs, every girl can look her prettiest with a little help from Cozy! 

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Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girl’s Hair features hair-helping chapters such as:

  • What’s Her Hair Type: Diagnose your child’s hair by evaluating three key facets.
  • Tool School: What do you need and what should you buy?
  • Products 101: Determine what delicate kids hair can handle.
  • The Braid Brigade: Follow easy step-by-step styling instructions for perfect plaits.
  • Baby Hair Care: Care for baby’s hair the same way you care for baby: gently and delicately.
  • Five Under 5-Minute Styles: Lighting speed styles for busy moms.
  • Special Occasion Styles: Create beautiful hair for memorable moments


“I love your book, especially for my little girl.” Kelly Rutherford