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Hair Care Products for Boys

by Cozy on June 27, 2013

Believe it or not, boys’ represent the majority of our customers at Cozy’s Cuts For Kids, my kids’ haircut salons in New York City. That’s because boys need haircuts more often than girls. But there’s another reason…some boys’ hair is so unmanageable that parents have no choice but to keep it cut short. When a buzz cut is not an option (or even when it is), boys’ hair can benefit from good products designed and formulated specifically for kids.

I developed our SoCozy® line of hair products because I couldn’t find shampoos, conditioners and styling products for kids that were safe and effective. Now they are a big part of what we do. And they’re not just for girls. As a matter of fact, boys’ hair can benefit greatly from using the right products for their hair type. So, here’s a run-down of our best sellers and how to use them!

Boys’ Hair: What to Use and When


VeryBerryTearFreeShampooSoCozy® Tear-Free Shampoo – When tear-free shampoo came on the market it was a godsend for parents; the nightly baby and toddler bath time became a little more peaceful. Ours is safe and easy to use with a delightfully sweet scent. Usually by the time your little guy is 5 years old, he can move up to regular kids’ shampoo.



SoCozy® Conditioning 2 in 1 Shampoo – 2 in 1 combines shampoo and conditioner in one step and is perfect for boys with fine hair that is a little dry, has frizzies or flyaway ends, but where a full conditioner would be too heavy. Ours has an amazing tropical fruit scent


SoCozy® Swimmers’ Shampoo – Summer wrecks havoc on boys’ hair by drying it out and sometimes turning into something resembling straw. The best way to combat the drying effects of sun and swim is to use a good shampoo that is formulated to remove chlorine and impurities, and ours is just that! It’s also enriched with orange extracts and aloe to prevent damage



A lot of parents think that boys with long hair are the only ones who need to use conditioner, but in reality is it’s the type of hair that determines the need for conditioning, not the length. Conditioner is necessary for boys with thick or dry hair, and works great as a treatment to keep hair under control between haircuts. Conditioners designed for adults are often too heavy and weigh the hair down or make it look greasy.


Our SoCozy® Sweet Strawberry Conditioner is an ultra gentle formula that won’t over-condition hair but will still eliminate frizzies, flyaway hair and tangles. (Boys with very fine or thin hair should skip this step).




FruityDetanglerA detangler is a leave-in formula designed gently remove knots and tangles, but also helps to keep hair under control. It works best for boys who have very thick, dry, and unruly hair. Spray it on the ends to take care of frizz and flyaways, and to avoid those embarrassing “bed-head” mornings, spray it all over and gently style (try to avoid spraying the roots). SoCozy® Detangler does double duty by conditioning and hydrating hair all day long. Ours can be used on wet or dry hair and has a delightful fruity scent!


Styling Products for Boys

Styling Gel


Gel is great for a wet look, but if you don’t want your son’s hair to look stiff make sure to choose a very light formula, like ours! SoCozy® Styling Gel is great for smoothing out curly hair, creating a spikey look ,and it’s great for surfer do’s, too. Ours is an alcohol-free formula that will not dry out your child’s hair. It has a groovy grape fragrance and is totally non-greasy.


Styling Cream


Styling Cream is best for a natural hold when you don’t need gel but your son’s hair is a bit out of control. Styling cream gives texture, tames frizzies and helps keep styles in place and can be used on both curly and straight hair. SoCozy® Styling Cream is formulated without harsh chemicals or heavy oils and blended with Vitamin E and Panthenol to hydrate, strengthen and condition hair.




SoCozy® products also include our amazing Protective Conditioning Mist with Sunscreen that protects young scalps from sunburn, and Boo!, our famous lice repellent shampoo with tea tree oil.

Check out all my SoCozy® Hair Care Products for Kids on the website where you can also purchase all of the above products online.

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