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The Coolest Boys’ Hairstyles of 2013

by Cozy on March 27, 2013

I write a lot of blogs about how to style girls’ hair, but guess what? Boys’ hair needs love, too!

Boys are in my salons for haircuts twice as often as are girls, and I get a lot of questions from parents on how to keep their little guys’ locks looking good between haircuts. There are three boys’ hairstyles that are nearly always requested (in one variation or another):

  1. The Spikey Look
  2. The Schoolboy
  3. The Surfer

These styles have been around for decades, but each year there’s a little twist that makes them look new.

So, here are the how-tos of The Three Coolest Boys’ Hairstyles of 2013 plus instruction on how to style boys’ curly hair and control frizz.

1)   The Spiky Look

Spikey Hair For Boys

Joe Warren










This quick and easy style has been a favorite for years. Stiff spikes are out and the messy look with hair spiking in many directions is totally in.

Get the look: Use a product like So Cozy Groovy Grape Styling Gel. Put some in your hand, apply with fingers, spike the hair to shape it how he likes it, and let the gel dry.

I find that older boys tend to like the more tousled look (you might even find them spending more time in the mirror getting that “bed head” style just right!).

Your little man doesn’t need a special cut to achieve the spiky look, just make sure his hair isn’t too long. When not spiked, he can wear his hair as he usually does. When spiked, have fun!

2)   The Schoolboy

The Schoolboy - Boys Hairstyle

The Schoolboy - Image courtesy







The schoolboy is a great look and can work for shorter hair, and hair that’s growing out, too.

Get the look: First wet his hair, making sure it’s just a little bit damp. Make sure to use Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream or another cream that leaves hair looking natural, not stiff. Rub the cream into your hands then comb your hands thru his hair with your fingers to evenly distribute hair. Comb with fingers in a direction that you want it to stay in and that you both are happy with. You can always comb or brush the hair afterwards.

Styling cream keeps his hair in place but still looks natural while keeping crazy cowlicks down.

3)   The Surfer

The Surfer Hairstyle For Boys

The Surfer - Image Courtesy








The surfer look is one of the most requested styles in my salons. It’s no surprise that little dudes dig this laidback ‘do, especially with superstar icons like the guys of One Direction sporting the style.

Get The Look: He’s definitely going to need longer hair for this one and layers to boot. While the style is slightly messy (like he just woke up), it actually takes a little bit of work. Do not use gel but instead apply styling cream on your hands and work thru his hair with fingers until you get the desired “effortlessly messy” look.

No brush or comb needed. Just leave it as is!

For Boys with Curly Hair

How to maintain curly hair for boys

Daniel Roche - Curly Hair










Rule #1 about styling curly hair: Never Brush It! Instead, use a wide tooth comb or fingers while the hair is wet.

Frizzy Hair – Not Cool. To reduce frizz, try wetting the hair and use a leave-in conditioner (or even regular conditioner) scrunched into the hair. The amount of conditioner depends on how much hair your little guy has, but a good rule of thumb is to start with a dime-sized amount.

So Cozy styling cream is light and will control curly hair without making it look stiff like there’s a product in it.

Want more boys’ hair tips? Here’s how to care for boy’s hair at home.


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