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How to Detangle your Child’s Hair

by Cozy on October 14, 2011

The Dish on Detangling

There’s no use arguing, kids hair and tangles go hand in hand. Over the years I have discovered some easy techniques that work to stop tangles in their tracks and avoid painful (and sometimes, tearful) combing and brushing later on.

How to Detangle Hair

  • In the Bath or Shower: Apply conditioner and comb your child’s hair while the conditioner is still in (before you rinse). Tangles will come out easily and the hair will feel soft and silky.
  • After Bathing: While your child’s hair is still wet, apply detangling spray liberally. Gently grab a section of hair above where you’re going to comb to prevent from tugging on the scalp. Then use a wide-tooth comb, start at the bottom of each strand and work your way up slowly and gently, one inch at a time.
  • Before School: In the mornings before school, use a quick spritz of detangler and the combing method described above to smooth any tangles that may have developed overnight.
  • Detangling Curly or Knotty Hair: (my secret technique) Leave a little bit of conditioner in the hair (mostly on the ends) for little extra moisturizing. Do NOT rinse out all the conditioner. This works to fight tangle-causing frizz between shampoos. (Cool, right?)
  • Prevent Tangles During Sleep: For girls (or boys) with very long hair, I recommend putting hair in a loose ponytail before bed. This really works to reduce tangles and makes for much happier mornings.

So Cozy Hair Care Products for Kids offers a full line of high quality conditioners and detangling products that smell great…and work even better. Check them out here!


Thank you! -Cozy


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Angie Vargas October 17, 2011 at 6:46 pm

excellent tips, Cozy! I love the blog. It deserves more attention and comments. Your salons are absolutely beautiful. I’d give anything to be a kid again and be taken to one. It looks like one of those places that stay in our childhood memories and we always think back on when we want to feel good. Keep up the amazing work!


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